Government Project Gallery

U. S. Government: Department of the Navy, Naval Support Activity, Philadelphia, PA. Historic Masonry Restoration of brick office building.
University of Maryland, College Park: Masonry Renovation at Prince George’s and Harford Halls.



U.S. Government: U.S. Army Cops of Engineers & Arlington National Cemetery – Thermal Treatment of JFK Walkway to Increases Slip-Resistance to improve Pedestrian Safety.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Masonry Repairs, Renovation, and Restoration at Historic Landmarks, Parks, Museums, and Historic Sites.

 Tea Room Overlook, Gambrill State Park – Historic Masonry Restoration
 Fort Frederick, Civilian Conservation Corps Museum – Historic Masonry Restoration

Pavilion, Dan’s Mountain State Park – Historic Masonry Restoration
Dan’s Mountain State Park – Build Large Stone Patio in picnic area
Washington Monument, Washington Monument State Park – Historic Masonry Restoration

Charles County, Maryland, Public Schools: Masonry Repairs at several schools including.

Dr. Mudd Elementary
La Plata High School


T.C. Martin Elementary
Mattawoman Middle School


James Craik Elementary
Gale Bailey Elementary

Wicomico County Board of Education Parkside High School; Restore and Re-point exterior brick fascia of gymnasium.

New Jersey Department of Public Works Manufacture and Install, 8-feet-height, 800 linear feet of Decorative Stone-Pattern Concrete Fence to function as an aesthetic screening-security wall between a Salt House and the public view.