Precast Concrete

Manufacture and Installation of Stone-Patterned Concrete Fence-Walls, Decorative Bollards, and Modular Retaining Walls.

  • Precast Concrete Fencing / Fence-Walls / Columns with decorative stone-patterned surfaces with the look of natural stone masonry. Typical Applications are:
    • Security Walls
    • Buffer Walls
    • Perimeter Walls
    • Decorative Concrete Fences
    • Gated-Community Fences
    • Screening Walls
    • Baffle Walls
  • Decorative Bollards
  • Precast Concrete Modular Retaining Walls

Professional Improvements LLC Precast-Concrete Fence-Wall products are made with a patented technology that makes us unique to our competitors. We offer a stronger, more-versatile product with the ability to construct faster than any other companies in the market today. This allows us to price competitively and to install our product faster and with much less disruption to the customer site. Our system incorporates high quality form liners capturing the natural detail for an authentic appearance of natural stone, sandstone, stucco (or smooth), slate block, and dry-stacked stone.

Due to the versatility of our precasting process, the modular fence-wall units may be textured differently in order to accent, customize, and complement any project. Also, the texture you desire will be on both sides of the wall. For those special projects requiring a distinctive appearance of their own, custom liners may also be incorporated. Furthermore, after the installation is complete, the fence-walls may be colored using concrete stains in a variety of application techniques to give the desired appearance.

  • Drystack Concrete Fence

  • Loganstone Concrete Fence

  • Precast Columns

  • Precast Perimeters Fence-Wall

  • Precast Screening Wall

  • Precast Security Wall Installation

  • Precast Security Wall

  • Precast Wall & Landscaping

  • Roadway Precast Wall