Thermal Treatment of Stone Masonry

  • AKA Flame-Treatment of Stone Masonry
  • AKA Flame-Torch Treatment of Stone Masonry

This process
involves applying a high-temperature, high-velocity flame-torch to a stone
surface in order to produce a desired change to the texture. Depending on how
the flame is applied:

  • the surface can be smoothed as in the case of removing saw marks;
  • the surface can be roughened as in the cases of providing decorative texturing and/or increasing slip resistance. 

The John F.
Kennedy Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) has a 9000 Square-Foot
circular walkway composed of beautiful white Deer Isle Granite from Maine. This
granite walkway Historical Masonry with all its beauty, had one shortcoming –
it became very slippery when wet. So, for decades, whenever it would rain or
the Walkway was wet for any other reason, the ANC management would shut the
Walkway down to avoid incidents of park visitors slipping and getting injured.

Working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Professional Improvements LLC developed a procedure that incorporated Thermal Treatment combined with Sandblasting to increase the roughness and, consequently, increase the slip-resistance of the Walkway surface. The walkway was made safer for pedestrians, and a desired textured look of the Deer Isle Granite was attained.

Because the Walkway had to be accessible to park visitors during the day, all work was done at night. All work ceased and work-equipment was stored out of sight before ANC opened to visitors the following day.

Pictured Below: 

JFK Walkway at Arlington National Cemetery Professional Improvements LLC applies their Thermal Treatment to the Walkway surface to increase slip-resistance.